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Taiyo no Namida Set

Yamapi Fanart

Fanart Preview:

Fandom: NEWS
Subject: Yamashita Tomohisa
Theme: ---
My thoughts: 120% P.I.T.A(pain in the ass)....His eyes look a bit buggy. And I just had a really hard time w/ his expression. Though, I'm not sure if I pulled it off. m(__)m

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woow very great fanart! *_* i love his expression ^^ good job!
i think that's pretty good! i can totally see him in it. good job!
I love especially his mouth ^3^ I'm looking forward to your Massu because he's my favorite ♥ (And to color everything XD)
*chants* color.. color.. color...
lol thanks for viewing.

I'm not very good at coloring so kaos_felida is collaborating w/ me and is going to color it.
Omg, your fanart of Yamapi is absolutely awesome (:
I love his eyes. :) I totally see the blank stare and the pouty lips though I'm having problems looking at the tie because I think it's unnaturally low to still be in a decent knot. x3

Then again perhaps it's just me who is bothered by it. Hahaha.

Loved it! Do more of these stuff soon and Colouring it would be nice. ^_^Y

Thanks for viewing.

Yeah, I thought the tie was weird too >_<;;
But his expression just gave me a bunch of problems, so I gave up w/ all the other little details.

I'm not very good at coloring my lineart, so kaos_felida is collaborating w/ me and is going to color this (and the other news members I drew/am drawing)
I like it, good job :)
It's awesome! =D
It was you that draw another picture of Shige before?
Thanks for viewing!

Yeah, that was me who drew Shige.
I'm attempting all the NEWS members. So far only Tegoshi, Shige, and Yamapi are done.
wow I want to color it but... kurosagi angel isn't finished yet T___T i was too busy this months~
Don't worry about it. Take your time w/ coloring.
I look forward to seeing it finished one day (n_n)b
mmmmm yummy xD

i think the lips are really kissable lol

the hair was really well done, and i know how much u hate hair LOL
whoa! you actually commented. lmao. *shock shock*

anyway, I thought I showed this to you already?

ah yes...those kissable lips. It wouldn't be pi w/o those lips. >_<;;
(yup...1 of 3 expressions he repeatedly does...)
Buggy eyes? Well I think it's really nice and looks like his eyes. I really like it. Thanks for sharing it with us. ^^