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Taiyo no Namida Set

Maou Fanart - Naruse(Ohno)

Fanart Preview:

Fandom: Maou (Arashi/Ohno)
Subject: Naruse
Theme: Devil
My thoughts: My first Arashi related fanart. Up till now, it's all been NEWS.
This isn't my best work...It's a little sloppy, but I'm satisfied enough to post it.
Does he look crazy? Feel like he's going to kill you? I hope so...because that was the vibe I was going for. @_@
And it seem like this is the exact opposite of my kurosagi piece...lol
Yay for Crazies!



that is sooo good
ur really good
Awesome! xDD
his wing is super cool.
omggg!!! this is really good! And I really love the drama too. XDDDD You should definitely color it!
Thank you. ^^
But sadly, I can't color. I'm not good at coloring my line art for some reason. Maybe I lack technique or something,but it always turns out making the line art look worse. So I just tend to leave my pieces as line art these days. The only thing I can actually color is realistic pieces. Maybe cuz I have something to model after?...

But omg! thank you for commenting. I'm a huge fan of your art. lol.
:,< Let's see, there are a lot of good tutorials on DA if you just search for "color pencil tutorial," or "marker tutorial." But I think it would also be good if you experiment a little (maybe with photoshop?), or try to imitate someone's coloring techniques and try to develop your own from there (that is how i learned to color). I think you have a lot of potential to make wonder colored pieces, don't don't just stop at line arts. :D Colors make the world brighter, I think JE demonstrates that quite well. :3

XD thanks!! I was a silent watcher of your DA (:P) til I killed my old account. :,< But please keep updating on the community!
Thanks for the tips.
I've tried imitating PS coloring styles before, except it turned out strange. Maybe because it wasn't compatible w/ my style of line art?

I guess I just need more practice and try out other tutorials. Maybe take an art class.

It makes me really happy that you think i have a lot of potential. ^^
Thank you very much.
Yes! Colour it! Definitely! You're good! Your Naruse is mecha hawt!
Very nice!!! Love it!!!
Wish I had your art skills!! ^^
i'm watching this too :D
now where's the toma fanart :D:D:D
Toma fanart. In fact, it's on its way.