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Taiyo no Namida Set

[HD] Johnny's Countdown 2008-2009 (5 GB)

Extremely HQ

This is in HD-mpeg format. It has 6 files w/ a total of 5 GB


Part 1: [MU] or [MF]

Part 2: [MU.001] [MU.002] [MU.003] [MU.004] [MU.005]

Part 3: [MU] or [MF.001] [MF.002]

Part 4: [MU] or [MF.001] [MF.002]

Part 5: [MU] or [MF]

Part 6: [MU] or [MF.001] [MF.002] [MF.003] [MF.004]

Best Played on KMPlayer or similar media player.

note: Part 2 is HUGE, over 4 GB, so there will only be Megaupload links for this part. (unless you guys want like 40 links, MF is not happening.)


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yey! thanks so much! will be taking and waiting for the rest. ^^
wow~ i'll find time to download all of it. thanks for sharing^ ^
Thanks so much for sharing this show >.<
I'm downloading from clubbox now but the transfer speed is extremely low T_T

Thanks again for your kindness
Thank you ^__^
thank you so much :)

I'll take this soon (as soon as my external hard drive comes from repair ;_;, no space right now on my computer XDDD)
thanks for high quality. I saw the live show, but it was very LQ and very hard to point out faces. This will definately help! =D
I know what you mean. I was looking at the LQ version and was like, "wth?! whos that?!"

The HQ version is so clear, it feels almost 3D. x_X
WOW SO EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY LOL!!!how am i gonna burn it into a dvd!? 4.7gb only T_T
thanks a lot....been waiting for this.....thanks again...;p
WOW okay, LOL, every file is reasonably sized but part two is hu-effin-mongous. Can't wait! Thanks so much for the uploading and happy 2009!! ♥
sedkjgiorfh, thank you!! :DDDD
been looking for awhile now... THANKS A LOT for the trouble <3
OMG! Thanks for this. I love when I can get my stuff in HQ.
thank you so much!
will be taking! so glad I got a HD for christmas!!

thank you!!
HQ *o*
thanks so much~<3
zdgkjsdfhkl SHINY HQ JE GOODNESS! Definitely downloading it all when part two is finished! Thank you heaps!
Thank you ^^

But you better lock this post since the OP said "Redistributing this TS file at other places is prohibited.
Thanks for letting me know. I actually haven't watched this HD version yet.
What is the resolution of these?
Haha. I will steal these when I rescue my hard drives from my friends house. :D I have no room right now for them D:
Oh man, it won't even fit on one DVD!

Thanks for uploading!
Had been waiting for someone to post this, Thank you so much!
Oh my...
Thank you so much for sharing! I'll download as soon as I can find the space on my computer. Maybe if I temporarily get rid of both seasons of HanaDan...
Thanks!! I can´t watch it live.. the fucking keyhole didnt work for me... i only can watch daite senyorita and a little of Tackey perform...
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