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Taiyo no Namida Set

Tegoshi Fanart

Fanart Preview: 

I would like to thank everybody who commented on my first post; The Kurosagi fanart. It made me extemely happy. Thank you so much!

Fandom: NEWS
Subject: Tegoshi Yuya
Theme: ---
My thoughts: It doesn't really look like Tegoshi.... m(__)m

I'm going to attempt drawing a matching set of NEWS members, in these costumes, starting w/ this Tegoshi.


I have a decent layout this time


sugoi! another fanart ^^ so cool!

I haven't finish your kurosagi, but when it will be finished i'll send you a message ^^

I'm doing my best ^ o ^!!
thank you!

There's no rush, take your time. I'll look forward to seeing it. Keep up the good work!(n_n)b
there's a little part ^^ hope you like it

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and when you finish the News, can I color it? *o*
I love how you did the hair and shaded his clothes.
I can't do hair if my life depended on it >_<;;

yeah, you can color news if you want.
>.< You draw so pretty!!!
ouah its so cute~!!
i love the pic.
keep up the good work ^^
cho kawaii ne!! XD
arigatou fpr sharing ne!! XD
Wow *___*
I really love your drawing style :3 I think, he looks like himself ^3^
A little bold question: I really love to color other peoles outlines, so are you perhaps interested in a collaboration with me *___*?
http://kaos-felida.deviantart.com/ <- this is my DevArt
omg, its you! I love your art.
*fan-ing here*
thank you for viewing. I'm glad you think he looks like himself.

Yeah, I've been 'watching' your DA for a while now.

Anyway, I would love to do a collab w/ you. Your coloring rocks. I can't color if my life depended on it.

so regarding the collab.
I'm attempting the rest of NEWS. Are you going to color those too? Or just this one?
Or none of these? Somthing new?
Sorry, it just seemed a bit unclear about what you wanted to collab about.
sorry for not answering V__V Somtimes I read things but got no time to answer...
Hm... what do I want to color. Good question. A group picture of NEWS would be great if you want to draw everybody. A picture with only one person could also be nice but I think group pictures are much more interesting ( and much more work, I knew ^^ ).
If you want, I can color the NEWS-set you're planning :3 You're finished Tegoshi until now, isn't it?

You're watching me *///*? Thank you *___* *rewatch*
hi. I guess its my turn to say sorry for not answering... haha.
anyway,it would be great if you would color the NEWS-set.
So far, I've only done tegoshi and shige(posted today). And I'm almost done w/ yamapi.

I guess when I'm finished w/ everyone, I'll just send you the files. What do you prefer? PSD? JPEG? other?....and would you like the size at 100%? Because the ones I post on my lj are sized at 30%.

btw, can I friend you?
I've seen your Shige. I looks also really good so I can't wait to see the others. When you're finished, you can sent me everything to kaos-felida@kuririnmail.com. Jpgs are OK and as big you can.
I'm looking forewart to them *___*
A little question: Do you draw everything on the computer? Your outlines look so beautiful clean.

Of course you can add me or rather... I'm faster and added you ;)

bye felida
im a bit slow. o_O;;
I noticed your comment on the shige just after I wrote here. heh heh.

Thank you.

I do both computer and pen+paper lineart. either way, they turn out about the same quality in the end. But for the NEWS-set, its all photoshop.