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Taiyo no Namida Set

Shige Fanart

Fanart Preview:

Fandom: NEWS
Subject: Kato Shigeaki
Theme: ---
My thoughts: I went through at least 4 different versions before I was semi-satisfied. And his hair looks a bit wacky...or maybe it's just me.....=_=;;


Satomi is still striving to draw a matching set of NEWS members in these costumes
~To see Tegoshi click here



Very nice.

I like his eyes and hair best.
Shige ♥
His hairstyle is reall difficult to draw, but it looks so good (on him and in your drawing X3).
Good job, I can't wait to se the others ♥
oh, lovely. you did a very good job.

the hair is so shige (:

Really nice this picture!!!!! ^^
♥♥♥ Shige!!

That's a very nice artwork desu!

You made Shige 20 years younger! XDDD Hahahaha~ <3 Awesome job :3 He looks cute~ Thanks for the share :3
Very nice and clean! =D

u have an artistic touch ne..