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Taiyo no Namida Set

Nino Fanart

Fanart Preview:

Fandom: Arashi
Subject: Ninomiya Kazunari
Theme: ---
My thoughts: This is my third attempt at "realism".(<-- note the quotes). It was modeled after a scan. I forgot which magazine it came from, but its recent.

I think im starting to get the hang of 'realism". Actually don't call it that...It looks more like rpg image than an actual portrait.... Anyway, I forgot to add the light reflection to the right cheek(his left). I'm to lazy to go back and add it in...And the eye furthest away is retarded, so feel free to cover that up w/ your hand (n_n)b..... Overall, for my 3rd  'realistic' attempt, I think this turned out pretty good.

BTW: I had to do this piece twice. The first time around, the file got corrupted around 75% of the way...Then the second time around, it also got corrupted when it was 95% done, but luckily I saved it to two different files. As my friend, psyches_muse said, " Nino's drawing would be a bitch.".... How true is that...



Yeeeyyy!!! I saw his eyes in DA ( I saw the previous in http://Jidai-SK.deviantart.com/art/Daredesuka-89342283 ) XD I`m Anitsirccaf in deviantArt community

The picture has been sooo good!! Great work!!!
Thanks for viewing.

lol I just saw you on my message board thing. Thanks for fav-ing. it.

oh yeah! you're the one who commented on the eyes. Now I remember.
the eyes were from the corrupted version.
i actually wasn't going to redo this pic, but after seeing so many ppl view the eyes, I didn't wana let you guys down.
I honestly thought "Ok, there's a photo, where's the fanart?" until I realized it's drawn.
I thought it was real. *____*
asdfhksfh PURE AWESOME <333
Oh my. I wish I can draw as well as you! Wow. Haha! Is this based on a picture or is all just thought of and drawn?
thank you.

Its referenced from some scan. I forgot which magazine it came from, but it should be pretty recent since he still had his perm.
nps :D Still, super cool! I wanna be able to do that too some day~ x)
Thanks. It's all practice. When that some day comes, I want to be the first one to see it! (n_n)b

:D haha, if it actually comes, and when I fianlly get a tablet, I'd tell yer! lols
beautiful!!!! I love it so much!
wooaa ! SUGOI

I was looking for the fanart XD I thought that was the original picture xD

you are amazing I love the eyes *__* the sking .. everything !!
WAW ... this so so beautiful .. love it so much !!
Thank you for sharing it .. you are talnted .. Nino lokks so cute
^^ I Just love it ... And the best part is the ~eyes~ .. really thanks !!
holy wow good stuff
nice...yup drawing nino is like drawing a girl. so hard! the eyes and brows are the best
lmao. thanks.

even before I saw ur sn. I knew it was you because of your MM icon.
everyone keeps saying the eyes are good...
am i not seeing what you guys are seeing?!
cuz on my computer, the eyes look the least realistic...

i guess im just a retard...


It's a lovely scan and I like the filters that you used on it.
its not a scan. I painted it on photoshop. But I referenced it from a scan.
Beautiful. Especially his eyes. The light in them is perfect, and they look round. I'm also an artist, so I know how hard it is to get them to look, not only like real eyes, but like the person you are drawing's eyes. Good job! ♥
the glistening eyes are mesmerizing *0*
waahhh~!! I shall bow to ur creativity...such talents you possess X)