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Taiyo no Namida Set

Nino Fanart

Fanart Preview:

Fandom: Arashi
Subject: Ninomiya Kazunari
Theme: ---
My thoughts: This is my third attempt at "realism".(<-- note the quotes). It was modeled after a scan. I forgot which magazine it came from, but its recent.

I think im starting to get the hang of 'realism". Actually don't call it that...It looks more like rpg image than an actual portrait.... Anyway, I forgot to add the light reflection to the right cheek(his left). I'm to lazy to go back and add it in...And the eye furthest away is retarded, so feel free to cover that up w/ your hand (n_n)b..... Overall, for my 3rd  'realistic' attempt, I think this turned out pretty good.

BTW: I had to do this piece twice. The first time around, the file got corrupted around 75% of the way...Then the second time around, it also got corrupted when it was 95% done, but luckily I saved it to two different files. As my friend, psyches_muse said, " Nino's drawing would be a bitch.".... How true is that...



Beautiful. Especially his eyes. The light in them is perfect, and they look round. I'm also an artist, so I know how hard it is to get them to look, not only like real eyes, but like the person you are drawing's eyes. Good job! ♥