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Taiyo no Namida Set

Kurosagi Fanart

Fanart Preview:

I've been around for a long time, but this is my first official post here on this LJ. 

Dedicated to psyches_muse
I wish Yamapi and his movie the best of luck.

Fandom: Kurosagi (Yamapi)
Subject: Kurosaki
Theme: Tainted Angel.
My thoughts: I thought Kurosaki as a dark guardian angel fit because, in a sense, he does watch over others. He aids the swindled and punishes the swindlers.


I started this 3 days ago and I've been rushing to finish it before the day ended.
I don't know if I'm going to color this. I'll probably end up leaving it just as it is. For those of you who haven't seen my art before, I'm not very good at digital coloring so I tend to do just line art.

And I still can't figure out how to make my own lj layout >_<. The default is so ugly! 



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I was browsing around lj and came upon this. I just wanted to say it's absolutely gorgeous!! Really amazing work!
wow. comments already!? lol

Thank you very much.
wow that's BEAUTIFUL :O
I love how you did the wings <3 and he's very hot~ :)
Thank you so much for viewing :D
...I was just passing by. Hope you don't mind me ninjaing commenting ^^;

It's really beautiful! Love, love, love the work on the wings. And his outfit. Though, maybe his super-long Kurosagi scarf next time? I can definitely tell it's Yamapi with his expression. asd;fkljads;klfj katana-smex.

Hope you one day work around to coloring it (even if you're 'not very good' now). If it's Yamapi, it'll probably turn out great. lol. =P
Of course I don't mind you commenting. lol
I love comments!
(Though I'm really surprised that people have already commented. I just posted this minutes ago.)

Yeah, I originally put in his scarf, but it turned out a bit weird. Kind of snake looking >_< .So ultimately, I just took it out all together.

Ooo! That's good. I was afraid ppl couldn't tell it was Kurosaki.

Thanks so much for viewing + commenting.

Suugoiii! I love it. Great job. It's fantastic. Wow.
Thank you for viewing.
Holeh Shitaki mushrooms.
This-lineart-is-freakin-beautiful! Kurosaki looks so rapilicious.
O_O. If you don't mind, may I color this?
And the wings is absolutely gorgeous. I phail at drawing wings. o.o
Thank you.

Sure, go ahead and color it.
(I fail at coloring x_X)
ah so great!!! I'm the opposite. I have trouble doing line art. I also love the composition. Good work!!
oooo wow, nice wings! Good work!
Awesome ! It's beautiful ! I can't stop staring at it !
wow pretty lineart O.o i'm amazed O.o
Wooow!! This is really good!! I envy your drawing skills XD
nice ^^
This is gorgeous! You're great with the proportions.

Was this done in hand and then scanned? Or is it done on the computer?
Thank you.

I did it by hand on the computer(photoshop).
I have a drawing tablet that connects to my PC via USB.

That is a gorgeous outline o__________o ♥
You're amazing ~ *o*!!
Wow Great line art!
The Wings are totally awesome!
Captured The serious expression of Pi perfectly!
yeah I do. What size would you like?
The original is extremely huge. Kurosaki's head reaches from the very top of my comp screen to almost the bottom.

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